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Rowkin Mini Sports Bluetooth Earbud – 24K Gold Edition

Innovative Wireless Headset in a Miniscule Size
The Rowkin Mini is the world’s smallest, wireless, and convenient earbud. The earbud’s small size makes it fit easily in any ear. Appearing like a small dot in your ear, the earbud is almost invisible. Bluetooth 4.1 technology enables you to connect the Rowkin Mini to any smart device. You don’t have to plug your phone in to listen to music or deal with annoying cords. The tiny earbud has a built-in mic, so you can easily take calls. The Bluetooth 4.1 capability works up to 25 feet away from your device. You won’t have to worry about constantly disconnecting. For tech-lovers who like to stay connected, the Rowkin Mini is a revolution in headphones you’ll love to use.


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