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Satechi Computer RGB LED Light Strip

The Satechi Computer LED Light Strip adds colorful LEDs to your computer to customize your workspace and illuminate your hardware for working, relaxing, watching movies, parties, and more.
Choose from 16 different colors or set the LEDs to automatically cycle through the different colors.
16 different LED colors. Choose from 16 different vibrant LED colors to match your case or hardware, your room, or your mood, whether you’re studying, gaming, watching movies, or listening to music. Brighten and dim the lights, turn them on and off, or set them to rotate through the different colors using the included remote.
4 Color Rotation Modes. Set the LED strips to automatically rotate through different colors, creating an energized environment without any of the work.
Flash – rotates through red, green, and blue
Strobe – fades through red, green, and blue
Fade – fades through 7 different LED colors
Smooth – rotates through 7 different LED colors
When in color rotation mode, use the brighten and dim buttons to adjust the strobe rate
Easy to Install. This kit includes everything you need for quick installation: 2 – 12″ RGB Color LED light strips, remote control, power cable 12V DC, 4-pin D connector, controller, and extension cable. The adhesive lines the entire back of the LED strip for a strong hold and the flexible strips fit into tight corners or round bends
Remote convenience. Control the lights using the included remote. Turn them on and off, change the color, set the colors to rotate, brighten and dim them without having to get up or reach for your computer.


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