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Snooz – Ultra Portable White Noise Machine

Get a restful night’s sleep anywhere with Snooz, the ultra portable white noise machine. Snooz reduces the variable between noise pollution and ambient sound giving you the calming whirr of a real fan located inside. The sound from the fan drowns out any unwanted and disruptive noise creating a peaceful haven to fall asleep. Unlike other white noise machines, there’s no looping track to be annoyed by. All you get is a real, authentic fan sound to whisk you to dreamland. The size of Snooz means you can leave it on your nightstand at home or take it with you on any vacation. You’re able to control the tone from a light fan to deep fan as well as the volume so you can sleep through the noisiest of neighbors. With control via the app, it’s great for kids and babies, too.


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