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SofAlert Road Safety Kit

Why SofAlert?We believe that you should come home safe and unscathed after changing a flat tire or any emergency stop. For us it is tragic to hear that somebody was killed while changing a flat tire. Jose E. Valentin, a polymer engineer and president of Sofscape had a revealing experience:”One evening I was driving home from a mountain bike trip when I puncture a tire of my truck on a major local highway. My first concern was the vehicles buzzing by me at 65 mph. To increase my visibility to the oncoming traffic I used my flashing red bike light. My second concern was my bad knees. I suffer from mild arthritis and as I was wearing shorts I wasn’t looking forward to kneeling on the hard asphalt. Luckily I had a rubber paver that Sofscape manufactures. I used it to protect my knee while changing the tire. We added a few handy items to complement the kit but that’s how SofAlert was born.”We are firmly committed to standing behind each of our products and are constantly trying to make them better.

Features:Rubber Pad for Knee Support and Protection – Protects knees and garments against uneven surfaces, gravel, dirt, moisture, snow, mud, etc. Made from recycled rubber (Patent Pending). Electric LED Safety Light – Shatterproof and water resistance. Features two flashing patterns. Visible over one mile away. Over 100 hours of battery life (flashing mode). Can be attached to any metallic surface or place on the road as a safety flare. Safety Vest – Custom design safety vest with highly visible reflective tape (ISO 20471 and ANSI 107 Compliant). Storage Reflective Bag – The complete kit is stored in our special reflective bag. The bag can be used as an emergency warning flag or to store additional items in a secure way. Safety Gloves – Keep you hands safe from scrapes and abrasions with our comfort grip gloves. Nitrile Foam Coated, Oil Resistant, Excellent Dexterity, Maximized Tactile Sensitivity.


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