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Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

This is the motorized reclining lounge chair with built-in misters, speakers, and a USB charging port, all powered by the sun.
Two 24″ W x 6″ H solar panels on each side of the chair’s base provide power for all the extensive entertainment features.
A control pad on the left armrest provides simple push-button operation of a quiet hydraulic lift that gently reclines or raises the back and the fingertip-adjustable nozzles atop each armrest that emit a refreshing mist.
A USB port charges a cell phone, while integrated Bose speakers sync wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device to play music or audio books.
The lounger has a 2 1/2″-thick plush, waterproof cushion and a detachable, adjustable awning for shade. Integrated rear wheels allow easy relocation of the lounger.
The 10-watt solar panels require about four hours of sun to fully recharge the protected 12-volt battery.
A concealed water tank holds up to six gallons of water for misting.
Aluminum frame supports up to 300 lbs.
Blue. 78″ L x 31″ W x 22″ D. (83 lbs.)


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