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Solartab, The Premium Solar Charger

The Solartab is unlike any other power bank or solar charger. A truly unique product featuring great design, a high-capacity internal battery and a built-in cover that ensures maximum sun exposure at all times. And a solar panel large and powerful enough to charge even your tablet.

The Solartab’s unique built-in cover gives it a stunning and nostalgic look, and protects it when it’s tucked away in your bag. But the cover also works as a stand for the solar panel, so you can angle the panel in three different positions. Find the right angle for maximum exposure to sunlight, plug in your device, and start charging!

With two USB ports and a micro USB port, the Solartab is ready to keep any of your mobile devices going at all times. An environmentally friendly, portable and never-ending source of energy, always ready for use:

Solartab is the perfect companion to your favorite gadgets!


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