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Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Revolutionize your game with the amazing Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.
So simple yet so smart. Put Smart Tennis Sensor on your racket and let the built-in motion and vibration sensors analyze each stroke. Results are beamed through Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone so you can see them right away.

The sensor comes packed with features that will let you view your game all the way down to an individual shot.
With things like live video of your game to goal setting this sensor has it all.
The sensor will break your game into five different strokes and even differentiate some between topsin and slice.
The app stores all off your sessions by data for easy review at any later date and even from a different device as long as you remember your Sony Entertainment Account login information.

Motion sensor for impact position recognition
Vibration sensor for swing type recognition
Waterproof and dust tight (in compliance with IP65)
Up to 3 hours of battery life (Memory Mode and Bluetooth OFF)
Approx. 12,000 shots storage in internal memory


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