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Spiralitosa Pendant Lamp

Genius in its design and manufacturing, appealing, joyful and functional in its styling. Spiralitosa is a set of concentric circles that literally unravel onto themselves: the lamp, in fact, has a flat packaging and only once it is hanging in place do the different-sized circles unfold to form a perfect bell-shaped lampshade. Irony and spot-on construction, this lamp teams design with the expressive force of marble, developing a dynamic sense of space, accentuated by the texture of the finishes.

The use of travertine marble and lava stone emphasises the original appeal of this suspension, which is ideal for the more sophisticated and well-articulated end of contemporary living. Processed under the banner of green manufacturing: this lighting project achieves the lampshade cavity without removing the raw material, thereby minimising waste marble.

Materials: travertine marble and lava stone
Dimensions: Ø 28.5 cm – H 15 cm
Light source: fluorescent lamp.


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