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Stayjax Stealth Seat Mat for Your Dog

Stayjax Seat Mats keep your car clean and your pet safe. I take my dog Jaxon with me everywhere. However, soon after I got him, I ran into problems — trips to the local hiking trails led to extremely dirty seats. Quick turns in the car slammed him from side to side and caused him to dig into the backseat, scratching the upholstery. Other seat covers on the market were great for keeping our seats clean, but did nothing to keep our dog stable. The seat mats we found were ugly, and extremely time-consuming to install and maintain. Harnesses helped protect our dog from sliding, but did nothing for the claw damage that had destroyed our backseat. I needed to find a solution, so I created StayJax Seat Mats.

Stayjax Seat Mats are made from free 6P Free closed-cell PVC to create a highly durable mat that protects your seats and cushion your dog’s claws. The raised-bump pattern makes for a sticky surface maximizing your dog’s stability while remaining staying soft to the touch. Stayjax Seat Mats are handmade in Los Angeles with a focus on functionality, design and craftsmanship . Stayjax Mats are made with double-stitched feux-leather seatbelt openings offering you the ability to use the mats along with a harness for double protection. Stayjax is easy to clean, needing only to be wiped down with a damp cloth, and is extremely portable with an an average installation time of less than 30 seconds.


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