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Try as we might, we all lose stuff. All the bleeding time. We have those magic spots where we consistently leave our things and yet still, our belongings inexplicably vanish when we need them most.

Scarcely bigger than a pound coin and able to firmly adhere to just about anything, the life/time/sanity-saving StickNFind enables you to keep tabs on all those precious items of yours and make sure that they never mysteriously go AWOL again.

The intuitive radar app displays all of your devices within range, simply select the sticker on the screen to track it. Easily label all your stickers as well as make them buzz and flash (or both) at the touch of a button – perfect for quickly finding your tagged items in the dark.

You can create a virtual leash for each sticker so that if they move further away than a specific distance from your phone, your phone will alarm you. Prevent that remote control being taken into the next room and curb that unruly pet with the penchant for relentless escapism.

Conversely, the “Find It” alerts inform you when a sticker appears within range. Now you can be cool as a cucumber while you’re waiting for luggage to emerge at the airport.

So slap on these ingenious tech-filled stickers, fire up the app and never experience those heart-stopping moments of terror ever again.


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