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Tab-Legs – Flexible Stands for Tablets and Smartphones

Tab-Legs relieve the stress of having to hold your tablet computer. Sick of propping up your tablet when using it in bed? Do your arms get tired when surfing or skyping from your couch? Tab-Legs provides a superior ergonomic computing experience, by allowing you to position your tablet computer at the ideal viewing angle. Perfect for the sofa, couch, lazy boy, and supports your second screen. Read or shop in bed, without having to prop up or hold your tablet computer. Free your fingers, and relax your arms while you facetime or Skype. Tab-Legs will revolutionize the way you use and enjoy your Tablet computer or smart phone.

Countless Configurations
From the comfort of your couch, to under your blanket in bed.

Comfort that you Control. Comfort that you Deserve.

Travel Much?
Connect to an Airline tray table, and enjoy your tablet from take-off to taxi

Easy to Use
Look Mom, no hands! Let tab-Legs hold your child’s tablet, so they don’t have to. Great for the back seats, and parents on the go.


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