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The First Plug & Play Privacy Solution For All Your Devices

Keeping your kids safe from the atrocities of the online world is not an easy job. But with eBlocker, things might be a bit different. This is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It stops all trackers, blocks all ads and protects your kids online. Trackers and ad-networks have been following your browsing habits across all devices which not just works as anonymous data gathering, but detailed behavior profiling that is linked to your identity. Doing so might make you face real life consequences like price discrimination and credit scoring. eBlocker will block all such dangerous online services that secretly collect information about you. It will protect all internet devices at home and optionally anonymize your visible IP if required. In fact, you can even cloak your device to fool dynamic pricing engines. Not only this, you can also prevent smart devices from spying on you while the family edition will ensure to protect your kids from unwanted online content. Staying safe from the dangers of online world is now just one eBlocker away.


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