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The New Segway Robot by Ninebot – Personal Mobility Gone Cuter

Segway’s self-balancing technology has finally been reduced into a tiny form-factor than the original personal transportation device. This one’s just a few feet tall and happens to come with a head and face with two LED eyes that seem to blink and smile. You can even add a pair of articulated arms. They plug into the back where, eventually, you’ll also be able to add other hardware accessories. Together they make a cute and super powerful personal robot. The head can turn sideways and will sit between your knees whenever you’ll take a ride on this new Segway. But the new Segway is not just a transportation device but a smart robot too with an Android heart. Along with Intel’s Real Sense VR300 depth camera, it has a fisheye camera and night vision. There’s also a laser projector to help it navigate and map its environment. Most importantly, it can respond to vocal commands too. Truly a personal robot that can take you places!


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