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Think Board Peel and Stick Clear Dry Erase Board

Not enough room to organize your thoughts and ideas? Need a shopping list for the fridge? How about a new family calendar? Or maybe a simple excuse to let your kids draw on the walls!? Think Board transforms any smooth surface into an expansive dry-erase surface!

With Think Board, we encourage you to write on the walls! Think Board’s ultra thin, sleek design allows users to feel like they’re writing their ideas right on the wall!

At Think Board, one size definitely does not fit all. We have 30”x30”, 54”x30”, and 8”x11” Think Boards as well as a 14”x14” Calendar Think Board! Want one for a room – try the 30″x30″ Think Board! How about your office – the 54″x30″ would be best! Looking for something on a desk – the 8×11 or 30″ would work perfectly! What about your refrigerator – try the 14″x14″ Calendar, or an 8″x11″ for a shopping list!


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