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Tine Tags Audio/Video Stickers

Tine tags are programmable stickers, that work with the Tine app.
Whether you’re sending a thank you cards, planning a scavenger hunt or leaving instructions around a place you’re renting out on AirBnB, the Tine 100 count pack is a great way to always make sure you have Tine when you need to send audio and video messages.
Product Details:
Size: 1.75″ x .66″
Quantity: 100 Stickers
Color – Black & White Stickers/Tags
100 stickers included per pack.
How it Works:
Stick – add a tine tag to something like a greeting card
Scan – use the free tine App to scan a tag with your smartphone
Record – link a video that’s already on your phone, or record
When someone scans the tag with the tine app, your message instantly plays and you get notified


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