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Listening to music should always be a fun, engaging and magical experience. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible sound quality on an affordable and portable device.

The amazing clarity and nuanced sound of hi-end audio equipment captures music as it was meant to be heard, at its fullest potential, but this level of sound quality is not available on current portable music players.

Uamp is a link between your music player and your headphones. It’s a tiny amplifier which can produce the kind of premium quality audio that you expect from hi-end audio equipment used by audiophiles and sound producers.

An amplifier magnifies an audio signal which is then emitted by a loudspeaker, or in this case, your headphones. An amplifier can be built into a device, such as an iPhone, or it can be an external unit. If you’re using a weak amplifier, as you turn the volume up the sound will become more distorted, but a good quality amplifier can produce clean, beautiful sound at the same high volume.

This is the high-fidelity sound that Uamp provides.


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