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Vinnebago Cooler

Vinnebago, the modern canteen by Corkcicle

Not just another bottle, Vinnebago expands on age-old insulation technology to keep your drink cold for an unbelievable 25 hours. And unlike most insulated bottles, Vinnebago has a modern sleek design that is something you want to show off when you are using it. Vinnebago offers three walls of proprietary insulation, stainless steel construction, and 25 ounces / 750mL of capacity.

Go where glass won’t

Vinnebago goes where glass bottles can’t…the pool, the beach, the boat. Now you can keep your drinks ice cold without a cumbersome cooler. Vinnebago knows no bounds. This bottle won’t break or leak–making it great for rugged environments.

25 hours of cold

Vinnebago will keep your drinks ice cold for 25 hours, that’s a full day while you’re out in the hot sun. No cumbersome cooler, no annoying “bottle sweating” and no freezing required. Now you can bring those Pina Coladas down to the beach, enjoy ice cold wine at the pool, or refreshingly cold water out on the trail. problem.

12 hours of hot

Keep coffee and tea piping hot for twelve hours. Vinnebago transitions from summer to winter like a pro–so you can warm up on chair lifts, mountain peaks, and all-day trails. The Vinnebago also makes a great companion for commuters who want to enjoy their favorite beverage without the risk of spills.

Stainless steel

Won’t impart flavors. Won’t retain flavors. Won’t leach chemicals. Drink your wine and taste your wine as it should be. Switch to coffee–don’t worry, this bottle can transition back and forth between cleanings.


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