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Viotek Heating & Cooling Car Seat Cushion

ViotekUSA is proud to present the First Premium Heating and Cooling Tru-Comfort seat cushion for vehicles. Currently, only super luxury cars are equipped with the tech we’ve managed to pack into this amazing product. However, by making this easy to install, ViotekUSA brings luxury car comfort to ANY vehicle. All the while, making it feel like it was part of the original seat.

Dehumidification and Cooling
Although your car’s air conditioner can cool most of your car, your seat is still sticky and uncomfortable. Why? A central air conditioner doesn’t let air flow between your body and your seat. In comparison, our design provides excellent ventilation, pulling and discharging hot air and moisture away from your body. Through our 5 state cooling system you can stay cool and comfortable even in the harshest of environments. Has your car been sitting in the scorching summer heat all day? No problem!


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