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Whiskey Liquor Dispenser

Look inside this beautifully crafted glass barrel decanter and you’ll understand the true meaning of delicate artistry.
A hand-etched ship majestically floats in the center of the barrel to make every happy hour a time of fond creative imagination. Of charting the open sea…and venturing to the very ends of the earth in search of great exploits in perilous lands.
With this sleek designed, mouth-blown decanter, you never have to travel very far to conjure up such images of fresh salt air, spyglasses, or hearing the faint cry from the crow’s nest, “LAND-HO!” You have only to saunter to your bar or display case to live a thousand tales of life on the ocean blue.
In addition to the vivid reveries inspired by this robust piece, its splendor is completed with a reflective gold-tone spigot and stained wooden base serving to further its reflection of sailing on a sea-worthy vessel.
Here’s what you’ll notice out of the box:
Rugged, mouth-blown glass design
Holds a full 1150ml of your favorite spirit
Beautiful stained wooden base
Large, meticulously detailed sailing vessel inside the barrel
Ground glass stopper for a lifetime seal
100% lead-free glass provides years of safe beverage containment
Thick, Durable Glass – yet the intricacies and exquisite details remain
If you long for the days where men were men and the open ocean was their playground, this classically designed and inspired decanter will complement your style perfectly.


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