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Whyd Voice-Controlled Speaker

Your search for the perfect sound system ends here with the Whyd Voice-Controlled Speaker. Delivering a full 360 degrees of ultra crisp and clear audio, every angle of this speaker produces the same quality deep bass. With Whyd, the entire room becomes the sweet spot. Offering total control, the Whyd Speaker can be managed with just your voice. Simple commands such as “play artist,” “play playlist,” and “play track” are all you need to get your favorite tunes pumping. If you’re near the speaker, the stunningly elegant touch interface also gives you total control with just a tap. The beautiful glass touch panel is intuitive with motion such as swiping to skip the track or zooming to increase the volume. Coming in five colors, the Whyd Speaker works with all your favorite music apps right out of the box thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay.


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