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ZBoard Pro

What’s the gnar, and how do I shred it? We’ll probably never know. But why worry about that when you can hop aboard the Zboard Pro?

Take pride in what you ride with this super light-weight electric skateboard. The Zboard’s intuitive control will have you carving your way through town in no time, whether you’re the skate or die type or a total newb. Just how easy peasy are we talking here? Lean forward to go, lean back to stop.

Zboard’s regular wheels will see you zipping about at speeds of 17MPH and give you a 10 mile range. After a little more juice? Bag yourself a pair of urethane wheels and find yourself in an utterly new skate of mind. Reaching speeds of up to 20MPH – with a 13 mile range – your new whip dishes a killer morning commute.

Weighing a mere 25 lbs and with a tincey charge time of just 5-6 hours, you’ll be grippin ‘n rippin (?) in no time.

Like the old saying goes, ‘when in doubt, skate it out.’ Remember that? No, us neither.


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